Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vive la Mexico!

Here are some pictures of mine and Annie's vacation to the Dreams Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There were some pros and cons of the trip, but overall we had a nice relaxing time and enjoyed just getting away from it all. I love vacations!

A couple shots from the taxi, heading to the hotel.

Just outside the entrance to the hotel, going down to the beach.

The balcony of our hotel room.

The headboard on the bed looked cool all lit up at night, so I took a picture of it.

The view from the balcony.

Part of the hotel from the balcony.

Annie chillaxin on the couch.

These rocks were set up for rock climbing.

Beautiful sunset our first night there.

Me and Annie relaxin after a nice swim in the ocean. I love the beach!

There was a wedding taking place on the beach.

Enjoying the ocean view while waiting for our food. This was one of the few good meals we had at the resort. Most of our meals were just ok, nothing to get excited over, unfortunately.

Annie enjoying her virgin Pina Colada, we practically lived off these while we were there. That and virgin Miami Vice's. Mmmmm.

Enjoying a Mexican Fiesta on the beach.

It was short lived though, cause a storm was brewing.

The band playing some music for our entertainment before we got rained on.

There was still an awesome sunset even though to the right of the picture the sky was all black clouds. That night there was an awesome thunder and lightning show, which I loved, so we didn't miss out on being entertained that night.

I wish I had a house on the beach with this view.
We ventured out Wednesday morning to go zip lining at Chico's Canopy. I had tried to sign us up for an outdoor adventure that Dr. Moss had told me about where we would get a boat ride, ride some donkeys up a hill, and then zip line down some waterfalls and do some rappelling, but it was all full. :( I was a little nervous when the taxi dropped us off at a gas station to be picked up for the tour. About 2 minutes later though a couple that was staying at our hotel got dropped off too, so I felt a little better. Then we were picked up by an unmarked white van that made me a little nervous as well, but my fears were put to rest when they picked up a whole family from another hotel.
Having a good time on the zip lines. I was so out of breath and dripping sweat from the steep mountain trails we had to climb in the heat and humidity. So glad the picture doesn't show my sweat marks though. :)

I'm the pink speck in the middle of the picture. This was my favorite zip line cause it was one of the longest. I hated that we went so fast across the zip lines because they were so fun, I wanted them to last longer.

Here's Annie coming in. I couldn't get the picture to rotate. :(
I think the scariest part about the zip line was coming in to stop, I felt like they weren't going to stop me and my legs were going to slam into the pole holding up the platform. It didn't ever happen, they always stopped me safely, just kind of feels like that when you're racing towards them.
The next three pictures are at the restaurant/the beginning of the zip lines. This where we got our harnesses.

The beautiful view up in the mountains

Back at the hotel, ready to go jump into the water cause we were so sweaty and gross.

All nice and cleaned up for dinner. This was our last night at the resort and it turned out to be the best dinner we had the whole trip. It was at the Italian restaurant Portofino. Funny that the Italian restaurant would be the best at a Mexican resort.

Last trip to the beach. We were waiting for our ride back to the airport.
View of the beach from our breakfast table.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 24th to my best friend Annie!

Annie turned 24 today, and to celebrate we went to the Lucky Peak to go boating. Two of her sisters and their families and her Dad and Step Mom were in town to celebrate with her too. We had some good BBQ food and lots of fun out on the boat.

Annie skiing for the first time.

Going out on the tube.

Having a blast, thanks to Lisa for not trying to give us whiplash!

Happy Birthday Annie!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Emerson's First Birthday

Annie's cousin Michelle's little girl Emerson, turned one and family and friends were invited to Aunt Sue's to celebrate the big day.

Emerson's first pedicure given to her by her Aunt Lisa.

The birthday girl was already having a little too much fun.

Annie and Emerson

Emerson looking rather cool in Annie's shades.

I just had to get a picture of Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill's cherry tree, they just looked so beautiful with the sun shining on them.

Emerson opening her gifts

She couldn't get enough of this ribbon that Grandma Sue had put on her present.

The birthday cake that was supposed to look like a big cupcake.

Getting ready for some birthday cake.

Mom helping her blow out the candle.

A little unsure at first, and wondering why we are all staring at her.

Giving dad a taste.

Annie playing with the kids on the tramp.

Beautiful hollyhocks

After her bath, getting entertained by her Aunt Krista who is not in the shot.

Uncle Bill playing with his grand kids.

Krista, Me, and Annie