Saturday, December 8, 2007

Work Christmas Party

So we had our annual Emerald West Family Dentistry Christmas party this weekend. Of course it was a first for me. Natalie, one of our front office girls was kind enough to open her home and play hostess so we would have a place to party. It was pot luck so there was a lot of yummy food for all of us to enjoy, and enjoy it we did. Mmmmmm. Everyone from the office was there with the exception of a couple of our hygienists and one of our assistants. I brought Heather and Sheena along to enjoy in the festivities and while they probably felt a little awkward not knowing anyone, I'm glad that they could come and meet the people I get to spend my days with. We had an ornament exchange and a gift exchange and then on top of that the doctors got us these cute little glass snowman figurines with a gift certificate to the mall. As if taking us all on a cruise in February wasn't enough. :) I love my job, the doctors I work for, and the people I get to work with. I cannot thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending this blessing my way. Here are some pictures of the gang, I'm sad to say I didn't get a big group picture, but that may have been a little difficult because one, we are a large group, and two there wasn't a whole lot of room for us all to bunch up and say cheese. :) I didn't get a close up of Dr. Hess, but he is in the last picture, on the right under the light, telling some story to Bill and Dr. Moss.
Bill and Dr. Moss
Laurie and Marilyn
Natalie (the hostess) and her sister Michelle
Sherry and her husband Randy
Jessica and her Fiance Nick
Kira and her husband
Stacy, Sharla and her husband
Stacy and her husband Jason

Me with my two dates and Colette
Me, Bill (one of our lab guys) Colette, and Stacy
Anne, Jacquie and Ellen (three of our hygienists)
I took three pictures of them and could not get Ellen
to open her eyes in any of them. Oh well.
Anne and her husband Brian
All the boys in the kitchen, bored while we did our ornament exchange.
Some of them eventually decided to go upstairs and watch Hunter, Natalie's
son play guitar hero. The kid is amazing! He was playing on the Expert level
and was hardly missing any notes.