Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sunday we spent the day driving around Yellowstone and once again had to deal with crumby weather. It was a nice relaxing day though and it was enjoyable to be out with nature and to see all the wonderful creations this world has to offer. This is only the second time I've been to Yellowstone and I'm ready to go back again soon, when the sun decides to come out. I want to stay in West Yellowstone though so I'm close to the park and can take a couple of days to really enjoy it. It was Annie's first time to Yellowstone and I think she was impressed and really enjoyed herself. It was nice to have someone who's been there a lot driving us around so we could just enjoy the scenery and get out and take pictures when ever we wanted to stop. Thanks Jason and Nicole for playing tour guides!

Momma Bison's with their babies right when entered the park.

This little guy was running all over the place, clearly hoping to get a hand out. I love that he has his cheeks stuffed full.

Even though it was cold, it made for a lot steam everywhere which was pretty cool.

The mudpots. If you blow up the picture you can see the mud spurting out.

This bison walk all the way across this open area and stopped by the path that goes around the hot pots. There were two different groups of people on either side while the bison just stood there and stared deciding what it was going to do. Finally it just walked off into the woods.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Old Faithful

Yes, I was really that close to the bison. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I'm glad he decided that he was content to lay there and just chew his cud.

There was a whole crowd of people out to see this guy. We saw them up on a hill in a big crowd. Nicole and I got out to see what they were looking at and at first we thought it was just another herd of bison. Then we saw the coyote and had to get some shots ourselves.

Lower Falls
"The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"

Katie, Jason and Nicole
I stole this off her blog cause I didn't get a pic of the three of them while we were here.

Jason and Katie

Upper Falls

Some female elk. We were trying to decide where the big Bull was hiding, watching over his heard.

The sun finally decided to make an appearance as we were making our way out of the park.

This was the view at Henry's Lake that we were supposed to have on Saturday.

The mountains by Henry's Lake.

The Teton's out the car window.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mesa Falls

After fishing at Henry's Lake we decided to stop at Mesa Falls on the way back to Rexburg. It never ceases to amaze me how much beauty there is in the world. It started raining again once we got to the falls, but we still had an enjoyable time checking out the falls.

Fishing at Henry's Lake

For Memorial Day weekend, Annie and I went over to Rexburg to hang out with her friend Nicole, her fiancee Jason, and his little girl Katie. Our intention was to spend some time with the great outdoors, enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer, however, that was not what She had in mind this weekend. :) As you can see from the pictures, it was cloudy, cold, and yes folks, snowing!

We drove over on Friday, got our fishing licenses, and just hung out. Saturday we woke up super early, way too early for vacation, and we drove to Henry's Lake for open day of the fishing season. We were bundled up from head to toe to stay warm against the elements. Annie and I only lasted about an hour at the most before we retreated to the warmth of the car with Katie in tow. She was just as ready to get back to the car as we were.

Annie waiting for a bite from the fish.

Jason, Nicole, and Katie

Me and Annie. The umbrella was a nice wind breaker.

Annie with her little sister Lacey.

Henry's Lake

Jason's fish, he caught quite a few, but you can only keep two.


Jason getting the fish hooked so Katie could reel it in.

Nicole's dad Ken, who helped us get our pole's ready and the worms on the hooks.

Lacey with her fish, she was so excited!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Annie's cousin Lisa threw a disco party to celebrate her husband's birthday and we were required to wear 70's clothes. So Annie and I hit the racks of Savers to find us some duds. Annie found her sweet outfit in the vintage section and it just couldn't be passed up. I got my white pants there and the top, earrings, and necklace I'm wearing were borrowed from Lisa.

Workin' it for the camera. Can you tell I'm trying to not fall off the top of the ladder.

Krista and Jess

Brian and Lisa trying to come up with some awesome poses for the camera.


Some of Brian's and Lisa's friends. Some of them had some way cool outfits on.

Brian getting his groove on.

Annie looking awesome with her green outfit and purple ball.

This was the shot of the night.

Working it with the bowling ball.

Krista and Jess

I love Lisa's face. Classic!