Monday, April 26, 2010

Heather gets her RN degree!

After a couple of years of blood, sweat, and tears, Heather has gotten her second bachelors degree in Nursing. I'm so proud of her for working so hard and going back to school and I'm so glad she's found something that she loves! The first part of graduation was for all the ISU students that were graduating and didn't feel like it was too long.

The second half of graduation was the pinning ceremony. All the nurses in Heather's class got their nursing pins put on by the family member of their choice. This part of graduation was a little more intimate, but it also went on a little longer than we were expecting.

I think Topher was getting a little bored at the pinning ceremony.

Getting pinned by our Mom who is also a nurse.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Game Night

After the wedding, we sent the parents off and we all went back to Heather and Brandon's place to play games. My brother brought his Wii and we broke out the guitar hero on the playstation. Kristen brought her rock band and we had a great time jamming out to that too.

Canoeing - this was surprisingly a lot of work.


Sunday we hung out at Heather and Brandon's place again, enjoying each other's company and playing more games. Heather and Brandon decided to acquire a new house pet by feeding a squirrel that was hanging out on their back porch. He came pretty far into the house and it was cute to watch him grab the cracker and then bolt out the back door to enjoy it.

Mom and Dad's Wedding

Yup, that's right, they got married again, to each other. It was a quick little ceremony at the church followed by some light refreshments and then a session at the temple.

The gift I made for my parents with pictures I took. Their new wedding date.

The yummy cupcakes I made, red velvet and lemon coconut.

We had a mini photo session with the happy couple, and got a few cute ones despite the wind that decided to kick up.

We had dinner at Gino's in Meridian and stuffed ourselves silly with all the carb overload.
It was delicious.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shoshone Falls

A few weekends ago, the weather was beautiful so Annie and I decided to go to Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID. Annie's never been so she wanted to check it out. Sadly the water was pretty low, so it wasn't quite as impressive as it can be. Oh well, we had a good time enjoying the beautiful sunshine and a nice picnic lunch.

Please ignore my hair, I didn't feel like doing my hair that day and was trying to go for curly, but don't really have a product to put in my hair that helps make it more curly.

We checked out the tourist stand there as well so Annie could see a post card of what the falls look like when there is a lot of water. We found this post card for the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves. Anyone every heard of this or been there before? It's these underground caves that are so cold that the water in them freezes. It looked really interesting and we wanted to head over and check it out since we were already over that way. Unfortunately they don't open until May, guess that will have to wait for another weekend day trip.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More fun with the camera

I was out and about Boise trying to find pictures for some wedding presents and I ended up on Warm Springs Rd. There is a little cemetery about a block after you turn onto Warm Springs. It was a beautiful day and I was about done getting the pictures I needed so I headed into the cemetery to see what kind of pictures I could get. Have I mentioned lately, how much I love photography? Didn't think so? I LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Dinner

My family didn't do Easter dinner this year, so I tagged along with Annie to her family's dinner. Let me just say, I love eating with her family! They make some of the best food that makes my tummy sooo happy!

Aunt Cindi's beautiful table setting.

Lisa, Aunt Cindi, Krista

Uncle Rich working on the chicken

Jeff working on the brisket that he woke up before the sun to put in the smoker. On top of that, he made an "oh so good" homemade bbq sauce to put on top. Mmmm!

Tim Klena chattin it up.

Emerson enjoying some time with her Grandma Sue.

Jess and Grandma Matheus listening to one of Annie's stories.

Garret searching for the Easter eggs.

Kate and Morgan scoping out the bushes by the house.

Emerson's first Easter egg hunt!

Checking out her loot!

Garret and Emerson checking to see what kind of candy is in their eggs!
It was a great night filled with great food and great company! Thanks to Annie's family for letting me tag along and be apart of their family!