Friday, November 28, 2008

New residence

About 3 months ago, my good friend Annie bought a house and invited me to move in with her. About a month ago we finally got to move in and now we finally have some pictures of the place to show off. We are still working on getting decorations and pictures put up so please forgive the bare walls.
The front of the house
This is the view of the hallway from the front door
Annie's bedroom
And her bathroom with the huge tub

The entryway to the second hallway that leads to the two smaller bedrooms

My bedroom

My bathroom/Guest bathroom
Office/Reading room. You can't see it, but my bookshelf is on the other wall.

Living Room

Looking into the hallway from the living room. I mostly took this shot to show off the shelf above the couch

Some more of the living room, mostly just showing off the few decorations we have put up


Dining area

Laundry room