Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swiss Picnic/Temple Open House/ Caldwell Night Rodeo

So this is a combined post of what I've been up to for the month of August.

My family and I went to the Swiss Picnic on the 3rd of August to celebrate Swiss Independence Day which is on the 1st of August. This is something we've been doing for I don't know how many years, but it's a lot of fun. We get together with some of the other Swiss people in the area and have great food, a raffle, an auction, and share in good conversation. It's one of the things I look forward to every year.

One of the flags that someone brought.

Bernese Mountain Dogs which are a Swiss breed

Heather and Brandon

My Dad, Heather, and Brandon

Me and my Mom

On the 7th of August, Annie and I decided to head over to Twin Falls after I got off work to check out the Temple open house. I've never been to an open house before, so it was fun to experience that and to see the temple before it is dedicated. It is a beautiful temple, as they all are, and I love that they incorporated the syringa into the design of the temple. They even had the syringa in the design of the chandelier in the Celestial Room and in the big Sealing Room. I didn't notice it until we were in the Sealing Room, but I thought it was cool. I also love how the sun lights up the steeple.

August 14th, we went to the Caldwell Night Rodeo. It is a family tradition for us to go to the Rodeo on West Valley/Tough Enough To Wear Pink Night because my mom gets discounted tickets from the hospital. We had our delicious Crookham Corn and introduced Annie and Brandon to the sweet yummy goodness. Then we headed over to the Rowdy's side to sit in the sun while we waited for the rodeo to get started. You may think it's a little crazy to sit on the side where the sun is in your face, but in all reality, it's really only about an hour or so that you're really baking in the sun, and it's the best spot for watching the broncs and bulls. The down side, is that it's also the side where the beer drinkers and smokers sit. I don't mind the beer drinking so much, as long as it doesn't get spilled near me, but the smoking drives me crazy! Fortunately for us Brandon saved the day and asked the people around us to please stop smoking so those of us that wanted clean, healthy lungs, could keep them that way. :)

Heather and Brandon. (Brandon's expression looks a little painful, but I promise, he did have a good time.)

Me and my Mom

Me and Annie waiting for the rodeo to get started

Ahh, we can finally take off our sunglasses.

The family, enjoying the rodeo. Brandon was so focused on the broncs, he couldn't even look at the camera.

Bronc riding. One of my favorite events, but still comes up second when it comes to the bulls.