Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 Year High School Reunion - Day Two

 Saturday, we took a tour of the High School. A few years after we graduated, they expanded the High School and added the freshman to the school, so we wanted to see the updates. Most everything looked the same, the lunch room was expanded and there was a whole new wing of classes and a smaller gym added to the school. Mrs. Adams gave us the tour of the school.

 Mrs. Adams, Jennifer Hill Haustveit, Mary Bowen Hathaway, Me, Meagan O'Bannon, Daniel O'Bannon, Alan Andrews, Shayla Hogg, Mandy Hurley Rodriguez, Munch Rodriguez, Jared Lowder, Amanda Sheets.
 Part of the new lunchroom expansion.

 All of us again in front of Clyde the Cougar. Alan didn't get the memo that we wanted to see the head of the cougar. =]
 We left a message on Mr. Hauge's whiteboard.

After the reunion we went to the park and had lunch and continued hanging out.
 Patrick Vernon standing off to the right. He graduated a year before us, but had a lot of friends in our class and decided he wanted to come to ours as well.

We got a bouncy house for the kids to play in, they had a good time.

 Me and Mary's little girl Hailey. She attached her self to me when we were taking the tour of the school. Then when I got to the park she came right over to me. She was really enjoying sharing my fries too.
 Shayla Hogg and one of her "babies" I can't remember the cats name, but she named it something spanish. And yes, that's a leash on the cat. Amy Howe Selvester is next to her holding Jennifer Hill Haustveit's new baby Allison.
 Shayla Hogg and Munch Rodriguez talking to DG Sams.
 Trevor Wilson and his adorable little girl.

Later that night we had dinner at the Bent Fork in Caldwell. We had a blast eating, enjoying each others company, and then watching a slide show that I put together of our younger years grade K-12.
 Meagan O'Bannon, Daniel O'Bannon, Munch Rodriguez
 Forest Thacker, Janelle Davis Thacker, Amy Howe Selvester
 Jennifer Hill Haustveit and Me
 Jennifer's little girl Allison
 Russell Shoemaker and Me
 Sandy Espinosa, Chris Shoemaker, Teresa Rizo Lechuga, DG Sams

 Kyle trying to act nonchalant for the camera.
 Erika Tovar, her boyfriend, and Sandy Espinosa

 Jared Lowder, Jennifer Cox, Tyler Robinson, Amy Howe Selvester, Kyle Allcott, Crystal Reich Giambo, Aisha Halverson, Kathleen Hulme (couldn't find her married name), Me, TeAwna Houston Peterson, and Janelle Davis Thacker.

 After dinner a big group of us went over to Victor's for dancing. It was actually a lot of fun, minus the pain my feet endured because I was wearing heels and there was no way I was going to go barefoot. I stayed out until about 2 in the morning, and was glad I didn't have to wake up early the next day.

 Kyle Allcott, Jennifer Cox, Aisha Halverson, Crystal Reich Giambo
 Janelle Davis Thacker, Me, Kyle Allcott
 Ashley Wood, Krystal Wilson Brenneck, Me, Munch Rodriguez, Kathleen Hulme
 Jaime Acosta, Me, Alan Andrews
 Billy Weymouth and Me

 Kyle Allcott, Janelle Davis Thacker, Aisha Halverson, Mandy Hurley Rodriguez, Crystal Reich Giambo, Amy Howe, Selvester, Russell Shoemaker, and Me.
 Janelle and Amy working it on the dance floor.
 Mandy's got some killer moves.
 Me, Sandy Espinosa, Martha Lopez
 Kyle was getting jiggy wit it.

 Jason Yee, Me, Martha Lopez, Brian Tucker

Can't wait for the 20 Year Reunion!