Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky Peak Resevoir

So our friend Terence took us out to Lucky Peak Resevoir with his parents boat for our first boating trip of the season. I know the end of June and this is only the first time out! Hopefully it won't be the last. I got some wakeboarding in, which I haven't had too much opportunity to do a whole lot of so I'm not the greatest at it. I can get up ok and sometimes I can stay up alright too, but most of the time I start to wobble and then I get scared that I'm going to wreck so I end up letting go. I know it's something I need to work on. My roommate Sheena and Terence were making fun of me because everytime I fell I would plug my nose. They got the biggest kick out of it that it was just my natural reaction to plug my nose before I even started falling. I just don't like water up my nose so it's become second nature to do it. The last run I had was pretty good I stayed up for a long time, well long for me anyway. Then Sheena and I got on the tubes which was a lot of fun, but not good for the backside. Terence was pretty nice to us and didn't try too hard to throw us off. We did hit some big waves though and we both went flying! It's very hard to catch your breath after being thrown off unexpectedly, trying to get the water out of your nose and mouth, and laughing on top of that. Then we just sat out in the middle of the resevoir and soaked up the sun and enjoyed relaxin on the water. We picked Heather up around 6:45 and took her out on a couple of runs on the wakeboard and then she and Sheena went on the tubes. Overall it was a great day out on the boat and I even got a little color to show for it.

Time to conform :)

Well I guess it's time I start my own blog since a lot of people I know all have theirs up and running, time to join the bandwagon. Isn't it amazing how easily we can keep in touch with everyone we know now? Used to be in the old days you'd have to send out a letter, call someone on the land line, ride for days on a horse just to get to your closest neighbor, send out smoke signals, or ride a ship across the ocean. As grateful as I am at how technolgy enhances our lives and makes it easy for us to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, it is always nice to get away from it for a few days and just enjoy the great outdoors that Heavenly Father has created for us. For those who are curious or not so curious the reason that my blog is called Cricket is because I love to listen to the sound of crickets chirping at night. There is nothing I love more than having the moon shine in through my open window on a cool summer night and fall asleep to the wonderful sound of crickets. I have a friend in Pocatello that I told that to and he had a good laugh about it. Ever since then he has called me cricket and it's been one of my most favorite nicknames.